Asset Finance

Hire Purchase

  • Hire purchase is a simple way to purchase an asset and spread the cost over time.

  • You typically pay in monthly instalments, and the item appears on your balance sheet.

  • Once all payments are completed have full ownership of the item.

Asset finance can be used for Equipment leasing, Hire Purchase, or operating leasing. Typically there are broad categories of asset finance. A business will either use secured asset finance to raise capital against existing assets, and/or equipment finance to purchase additional or new assets.

Equipment Leasing

  • With Equipment Leasing, the lender buys the asset you need, and rents it to you on a lease.

  • This means you have it straight away, and only need to pay a small deposit up front.

  • Typically you'll have to pay the first month’s payment and spread the VAT over the whole period.

  • At the end of the lease you'll usually have the option to continue leasing or buy the asset outright at an agreed price.


  • Asset refinancing is the process of securing a loan against assets your business already owns. 

  • This can include buildings, vehicles or equipment.

  • The value of the asset dictates the amount you can borrow.

  • Asset-backed lending can also be used for wider debt consolidation.