Unsecured Loan

  • Amount from £10,000-£750,000

  • Unsecured but many lenders will ask for a personal guarantee above a certain limit

  • Rates from 5% - 45% APR 

  • Term 1 - 60 months

Business Loans are typically loans paid back over a particular period of time as agreed by the lender. Whilst popular, unsecured loans can be more expensive than secured finance as there is no security given by the borrower. 

Revolving credit lines are becoming more popular as businesses attach more value to no tie-in contracts and flexibility of funds. The cost of capital, however, can be more expensive.

Secured Loan

  • Term loan secured by assets

  • £10,000 - £50,000,000

  • Rates from 4% - 30%

  • Term 1 - 10 years

  • Secured by personal or business assets

  • This can include a PG & second charge on property

Revolving Credit Line

  • Flexible facility similar to an overdraft

  • Dip in and out when required

  • Rates vary but typically more expensive than term loans. 1-4% per month

  • Flexible. No minimum term

  • Securities with a personal guarantee

When choosing a business loan it's important to establish the current situation of the business. At Plexus Finance we undertake a full assessment of the business before approaching lenders on your behalf. By doing so we pinpoint the perfect lenders to match your needs and as a result return the best loan options available. 

By doing so we reduce the footprint you leave when approaching many lenders and save you time and money in the process. 

If you would like to learn more about business loans available to your business contact the team on 0203 488 4969 or contact us via the button below.